Just in at Scrap My Car Lymm is a fine example of the now iconic MG ZR. The ZR is a vehicle very much created from the wreckage that was BMW’s stewardship of Rover. With such a difficult parentage, it would perhaps have been understandable if the ZR proved a duffer. It’s no secret that the development budget for the car was almost non-existent, the Phoenix Consortium, as MG Rover’s rescuers were then dubbed, having to get the maximum bang for their buck. The engineers at MG Rover have worked their magic under the skins of the cars to devastating effect. Aside from the aggressive spoilers and big alloys, most of the changes that truly transformed the ZR were made to the parts that most buyers would need a hydraulic ramp to see. The car was lowered by 20mm and fitted with stiffer springs and meatier dampers. Suspension bushes are made of rigid polyurethane instead of rubber to give more road feel and sharper reaction to the driver, who can now react to said changes more effectively thanks to a quicker and more accurate steering system. If you would like us to value your unwanted vehicle please get in touch with us on 07969 904340 or the usual social media outlets or use the contact form on our website.

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