It’s 4×4 Friday at Scrap My Car Lymm. An influx of fabulous Japanese 4×4’s has descended on us today, 2 Honda CR-V’s and a luxurious Lexus RX300. As with most Japanese vehicles the engines on these 3 are as strong as the day they rolled off the production line, practically Bombproof, but the daily use on the salty winter UK roads and lack of maintenance has taken it’s toll on the body and chassis. We are looking to buy any 4×4 utility vehicle, regardless of condition, running or not. It’s not just 4×4’s we will buy any old unwanted vehicle or motorcycle. We do not have an upper ceiling on the prices we pay, it very much depends on the vehicle or motorcycle we are asked to appraise. We are professional, courteous and above all reliable. Discretion is assured in probate or classic situations. Whatever you require, we can accommodate, just give us a call on 07969 904340 or get in touch via messenger, google, WhatsApp or the contact page on our website.

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