Thank Crunchie it’s Friday

Thank Crunchie it’s Friday its been another busy week at Scrap My Car Lymm, this week amongst others we’ve purchased a Mercedes C class, Jaguar XF, a Vauxhall Vivaro, Renault laguna, VW Golf.

This 2006 Mercedes C class kompressor 3 door coupe is one of vehicles we are hoping to fix up and offer it for sale instead of it heading to the big scrapyard in the sky. If you follow us you may have noticed a very similar car that we bought a couple of weeks ago that had been flood damaged and the engine goosed but the condition of the rest of the car was outstanding, well, we are going to use spare parts from that one to make this one perfect again, ready for a new owner. This one’s engine has recently had its timing chain repaired and has a mechanically perfect engine so will make a great base car.
If you would like to give your old vehicle a chance to flourish again and spend many more years on the road then we would be delighted to buy it from you. We always offer a fair price, we never doorstep haggle or try to hammer down the price once we have given a quotation, we politely turn up when we say and pay the agreed price. Another bonus with us is by law we can pay Cash for most cars as we carry out a straightforward straight vehicle transaction with DVLA paperwork completed before we depart. Of course if requested we can pay by bank transfer but in all cases you have the money before we leave. If you have any questions regarding our process or you would like to discuss the disposal of your old or unwanted vehicle then please get in touch with us here at Scrap My Car Lymm on 07969 904340 or message/email us though our website or social media channels.

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