The Bigger the better. Scrap My Car Lymm has today collected an absolute beauty of an old beamer. It has all the original fittings and tools, never been messed with. Its an absolute pleasure to drive, it feels like your floating on air. It’s a 2002 model 735 finished in silver. However despite its great looks and stature the poor old guy is terminally poorly, so will be heading for the crusher. If you have an old BMW or any old car thats past its best and you want to send it on its merry way please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 07969 904340 or through our various social media channels. You could alternatively head over to our website and use the contact for to drop us an email to discuss your needs. Don’t forget we are reliable, courteous and discreet if needed and always offer a fair price with no doorstep haggling or admin fees.

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