Welcome to Scrap My Car Lymm

Here at Scrap My Car Lymm we guarantee to beat ‘We Buy any car’ prices for your old unwanted vehicle, if you’ve been offered £150 or less when you turn up after being quoted much more online to get you there. With Scrap My Car Lymm, what you get is No hassle, free collection and certainly no admin fees. 

For a faster response call now on 07969 904340

What we quote you is what we pay, no doorstep haggling, no talking your vehicle down, saying “oh but it’s got a scratch here” or a “scuff there, so the computer says we can only offer £100 but there’s a fee for this and a fee for that”. If you have a vehicle you want to dispose of just give us a call on 07969 904340 or drop us an email at